Kitchen Remodeling Tips: 5 Things to Consider

The kitchen is the most used room in the house and brings memories of togetherness, joy and the labor of love. After careful consideration, you have decided that its time for the kitchen of your dreams to finally come true. Where do you start? Where do you pick up some kitchen remodeling tips? How do you get it right?

Kitchen Remodeling Tips: 5 Things to ConsiderAs with anything you spend big money on, it has to be perfect. So before you take the leap and spend those savings, there are a few things to think about. You can easily avoid turning your dream into a nightmare with these kitchen remodeling tips.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Tip #1: Ask yourself, “How do I use my Kitchen?”

    Do you always host the block parties and every thanksgiving dinner? Maybe you have teenagers who only know how to use the microwave. Before you start shopping for all the best appliances and ideal finishes, think about how many people use your kitchen, and how it will be used the most.

    The beautiful soapstone island and the stainless steel french door refrigerator will make all party-goers delightfully envious. But is it worth the cost? Some would consider having a second oven or work space. Maybe you need extra storage with a functional design. Have a clear picture of exactly what your dream is and you will avoid any disappointment.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Tip #2: Stay calm and be informed.

    Being well informed and confident will keep the panic at bay. Everyone likes to be a DIYer, but you will be well served with expert advice. Stay informed during the process to make sure your vision is taking the right shape.

    Calculate a preliminary budget and determine how much work it will take. The kitchen of your dreams should be specific. Changing your mind, making switches and redesigning all leads to delays and a tapped out budget.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Tip #3: Get a contractor.

    A contractor can make or break a project. They will take care of zoning, permits, regulations, and inspections. They also provide a wealth of industry wisdom and connections. Get at least three different quotes and visit their most recent worksites.

    Never pay in advance. Be smart and give 30 percent down. Set up payment dates based on completion goals. It would be terrible to spend those savings and be utterly disappointed.

    Remember to always respect the skilled laborers. A happy worksite will bring better results. Try making a nice pitcher of lemonade for the ones hard at work. Keeping pets and children out of the way will also eliminate distractions.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Tip #4: Get a plan and set a budget.

    Its time for your vision to take shape. Work closely with the professionals and set a plan. Prepare detailed specs and decide what materials will best suit your kitchen. Choose your colors and styles, and soon your project will begin.

    Once you have a clear plan, what will it cost? Develop a budget and work with contractors to ensure success. You can avoid paying more than expected or getting ripped off. Set your budget ahead of time and keep the added costs down.

  • Kitchen Remodeling Tip #5: Set up a temporary kitchen.

    Remodeling a kitchen can take anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months. That’s a long time without the most used room in your house. Setting up a temporary kitchen will make sure life goes on. Keep one sink hooked up and put a microwave in the living room. It may also be a good time to get outside and put the grill to use.

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